2-days course on harmony with oneself, with others, at work

“For every day spent in stress is a wasted day, and every day lived in a beautiful state is life truly lived”

Sri Preethaji, co-founder of EKAM

The Power of The Beautiful State ® is designed for everyone, who wants to deepen awareness on destructive, stressful states and get the freedom from it.

Due to its wise simplicity, it is the rare course for the youngsters from 14 years old. It teaches them how to manage emotions, create long-term relations, achieve with joy and be the strong leader of their own lives.

Is grounded on the neuroscience and blends together storytelling, life wisdom and mindfulness.

This Well-being course for Business teams, youngsters from 14 to 30, women

The course leads participants to the freedom from stress and limiting beliefs. It gives insights how to create harmony with oneself and loving connection with others. People dive deep into inner state of calm, clarity, focus, awareness, connection with Universal Intelligence. This is what we call The Beautiful State®.

Power of The Beautiful State® heals destructive tendencies of unconscious, that stop us from realizing our powerful human potential. It changes our repetitive reactions from “fight or flight” mode (survival driven level) to the creative mode (solution driven level), unfolding new response to life challenges.

This course is for those, who wants:

To live life free from stress
To meet all the challenges with inner stillness, calm, clarity
Harmony and connection with oneself, others, at work
To live the life in the state of flow and creativeness
To find the life's purpose

What makes this course unique

It teaches the Art of Mastering inner State.

Transformational life wisdom, easy to understand for everyone.

Powerful meditations, which awaken to the present moment

“Ordinary life is one lived from the stressful state. Beautiful life starts from the beautiful state. Master your State”

Authors of the course

Power of The Beautiful State® course was developed by EKAM Academy (www.ekam.org), World Center for Mindfulness and Enlightenment. It has a presence in over 100 countries.

This alma mater has nurtured many world leaders such as:
  • Tony Robbins (Coach and Global influencer)
  • Usher Raymond IV (Singer, Actor)
  • Casey Sheahan (CEO of Patagonia)
  • And others.
EKAM Academy’s vision is to bring a revolution in the human conscious. It has already transformed the lives of millions, helping them to find healing, joy, beautiful relations and purpose, they are seeking.

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Do you feel a call to change your life?

Modul 7. Service and contribution

Power of the Beautiful State is the 2 days offline course for groups of people. It unfolds:

  • deep personal insights on how lo live happy and joyful life
  • how to create long-lasting loving relations
  • love and passion at work and teaches how to achieve the goals effectively and easy
  • how to find purpose and start to contribute

Short content of the course:

Participants will take home powerful mindfulness meditations and practices
Modul 1. Art of Mastering the State
Modul 5. Harmony at work
Modul 3. Harmony with oneself
Modul 2. Triad of The Beautiful Life
Modul 6. Happening zone
Modul 4. Harmony with others


Kate. During last years you were inviting me to the different processes, but I was resisting. I thought that my life was okey and I was okey...
Yulia, Moscow
I have left my last job almost 3 years ago. The reason was very popular- I burned out. It was impossible to work not only on my market, but at any. I could not believe I could work anymore...
Anastasia, Dubai

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Do you dream to live in harmony with yourself?

Power of The Beautiful State® is an amazing well-being course for corporate teams. It helps people to get rid of the stress, learn valuable wisdom about harmony at work, connect with each other and become effective team. People unfold their great energy and creativity. Course gives them the focus, clarity and powerful mindfulness instruments to get over the disconnection and achieve intentions. Its a very effective team-building event for the teams.

Life in stressful state leads to non-wise decisions, non-wise actions. Stress can burn professional, experienced leaders. It ruins our relationships at work, decrease creativity, stops people from being effective team.

for business teams

Women can create or destroy depending on their inner state. Women can inspire men, grow their kids, create projects. The Beautiful State® is the source of healing, beauty, wisdom and power for women.

From the ancient times women were gaining their energy, nurturing their inner state of calm, love and joy.

for women

Our young generation feels lost being overloaded with information from media. They don’t know how to deal with their emotions, which overload them at that age. In stress, they lose focus and clarity in education and start feeling lost and lonely in life. They can’t find their purpose and connection with parents and friends.

Power of TBS® helps to heal the childhood traumas, learn how to be aware of their emotions and get over suffering. They learn how to connect, create harmony in relations, unfold their purpose in life and future profession.

Course helps young people from 14 years old to 30 years old to go through difficult period of growing up.

for youngsters

Register for the course now and get 10% “early bird” discount!

Learn how to manage your emotions, be the true leader and find your purpose in life

Schedule & Registration

25 000 RUR or 1300 AED
2 days from 10 am till 6 pm
The Power of The Beautiful State® Course
To be announced later
Moscow, Dubai
1,5 часовой семинар:"От стресса к свободе", интро к курсу Сила Красивого Состояния®
Это короткое путешествие по основным модулям курса. Семинар раскрывает суть и природу осознанности, глубокие причины стресса. Участники обретают знания о том, почему стресс стал привычкой и как научиться его распознавать вовремя. Как стресс разрушает наши отношения, бизнес, развитие, здоровье.

Гармония-это природа самой жизни. Семинар дает ответы на глубокие вопросы: Как вернуть состояние гармонии с собой? Как создать гармонию с другими? Как достигать успехов в бизнесе через состояние креативности, страсти и соединенности с людьми?
3500 руб
или 180 AED
1,5 часа
Будет объявлено позже
Будет объявлено позже
“EVOLVE” онлайн медитации и практики осознанности с Екатериной
Еженедельная групповая онлайн программа для роста в осознанности и практике медитации. Для всех, кто желает научиться практикам осознанности и медитаций, кто хочет уменьшить свою реактивность и режим “бей или беги”. Участники обретают новые инструменты, учатся внутренней паузе и тишине. На каждом уроке дается теория об одном из стрессовых состояний, мешающих нам реализовать свой потенциал.

*Стоимость включает 4 онлайн сессии в зум по 1 часу 15 мин каждая.
3500 руб или 180 AED
08.30-09.45 по Москве
Каждую субботу
Индивидуальные сессии
Онлайн или оффлайн. Работа с состоянием, освобождение от стресса, возвращение в состояние гармонии, развитие способности управления своим состоянием, реализация намерений, постановка целей. Сопровождение в реализации в одной из сфер жизни-создание семьи, карьеры, поиск работы, создание здоровья и красивого тела, родительство, создание собственного бизнеса. Разрешение сложных конфликтов и принятие сложных решений.Развитие осознанности. Менторство по запросу.
Цена в месяц
15 000 руб
1 час 15 минут
Zoom или лично

Course coach


Power of The Beautiful State® is led by Ekaterina, senior business leader, consultant for culture, leaders and team transformation, family coach, certified mindfulness trainer with 10 years experience

She successfully connects external success in life with her inner spiritual journey. For 22 years she was working in international corporations in Sales, Business Development and finally as CEO of the IT company.

She went through all career stairs, knowing difficulties that people face in a corporate world. As a leader of IT organization, she was involved in culture transformation and strategy. She was deeply exploring what motivated people at work and made them an effective team.
With this call, she finally was certified as Organizational Development consultant (GISC), Culture transformational consultant (Barrett), Executive coach (Ericksson college), Mediator (Lincoln institute) and mindfulness coach of the Power of The Beautiful state® program and EKAM Circles® program. She is working as business consultant in leadership and team development.
For the last 10 years she has gone through her own transformational journey, learning deep layers of mindfulness.

She is a part of leadership course One World Leaders, learning wisdom and practices from the Teachers of Tony Robbins-founders of EKAM Academy. She has inner passion to help people in organizations to become free from stress, to learn how to have harmony and passion at work, connect and thrive.

Ekaterina has a 17 years old daughter, Alice, who is studying in London.
Being a mother for these years, she was learning the “art” of parenting. This path has unfolded her deep purpose – to help youngsters to learn how to manage their emotions, grow their awareness, connect and unfold their purpose in life. Her passion is to grow future conscious leaders, who know how to live in harmony with oneself, others, at work and our planet.

Ekaterina is a certified family coach. She helps family members, partners to go through conflicts and unfold love and connection.

Going through many challenges in her life, Ekaterina now helps women to rise above their trauma, limiting self, cultural bounding. She believes that our world needs women loving energy and wisdom to grow healthy future generation, change educational systems, have a voice in governmental
structures, save our beautiful planet.
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